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German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Manitoba
Susan Pion Seminar


Susan Pion Seminar
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Canine Massage Therapy

The GSP Club of Manitoba will be offering a Susan Pion Seminar on October 25 & 26, 2003 at the Crocus Obedience and Kennel Club facility. The seminar is part one of a three part system for the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of dogs with sports injuries.

Susan's program, "P.A.T.S. for Pets"- the Pion Animal Therapy System, was developed to fill a void for therapy and practical information about canine lameness and sports injuries. Through the system, participants learn that there are many simple things that people can do for themselves to prevent and treat the injuries that their dogs can incur.

The first seminar lays the foundation for subsequent seminars and the understanding of home care instructions after an injury.

The second seminar (to be offered at a later date), continues to develop an understanding of post-event rehabilitation including sports massage, stretching, more prevention, training and handling issues.

The third and final seminar addresses pre-event sports massage along with developing fitness in a dog and continuing conditioning of the canine athlete.

In the first seminar, "The Nitty Gritty of Canine Lameness", participants can expect to learn how to recognize a problem, the stages of healing, and factors that affect healing. They will also make a plan for what to do when their dog gets injured and how they can help them heal.

The seminar is a combination of an audio-visual presentation and practical sessions including how to massage their dog.

Participant's dogs will be used for demonstrations and practical sessions. Participants have the option of bringing their own dog for use in the seminar or auditing the seminar without a dog at a reduced cost. All participants will be able to take part in "hands-on" activities related to canine massage therapy.

The cost for the two day seminar on canine sports injuries is as follows:
Two day seminar with a dog  $95.00
Two day seminar without a dog  $65.00    
Information can be obtained by contacting:
Flo Tellier (204)725-3393